On a weekly basis during the spring, summer, and fall months we welcome over 1,000 people to outdoor facilities. We are raising funds to put in outdoor bathrooms near the pavilion. We are so excited to be expanding our property in this way and are asking you to partner with us in this expansion. You can give a “one time flush” or you can pledge to “plunge” on a monthly basis from now through July (5 months). However you decide to give we are so grateful for your contribution!

Total Funds Raised


Several years ago, we surveyed our church members, and the results showed four projects that rated as our greatest needs. The Elders, Finance Team, and Trustees met to discuss, pray over, and ultimately approve the following projects: facilities building (completed), playground (completed), ball field restrooms, and LED signage for both Market and 55th entrances. The two incompleted projects would provide additional openings for the Gospel by providing our guests with facilities that show our respect for them, and contribute to their positive experience on our campus.

Throughout the year, our First Friends adult, youth, and children’s ministries hold events in the pavilion and ball fields during which the new restrooms would also be available. Our First Friends sports ministry would likewise benefit greatly from the restroom addition.

Our sports ministry exists to share the gospel to both youth and adult participants and families. This ministry is the largest outreach of our church and in many, ways the face of our church to the community. Providing quality restroom facilities is a concrete way to serve our Stark County community, our church family, and the athletes who compete in our sports leagues.

We have used porta potties for the last 20 years. There are seasons in soccer and baseball when we have 200 participants on the fields at once, including parents, siblings, and grandparents. There can be as many as 400 to 500 people trying to use two porta potties. With this heavy usage, cleanliness and resupplying the porta potties becomes a major problem, forcing some families to cross our busy parking lot to find restroom facilities in our main building.

A new restroom building would be a way to honor our community guests and church with appropriate facilities on the ball fields. Would you partner with us and take the plunge?

  • 5 family restrooms
  • Baby changing stations
  • Storage for cleaning supplies
  • Water fountains
  • Outdoor shower for sand volleyball*
  • Baseball, soccer, and parking lot accessible
  • ADA compliant
  • Metal Roof
  • Color match to the pavilion
We are planning to break ground in early spring.
No, we are paying cash.
50% of the cost will come from our savings under the Home Improvement line. The other 50% will be funded through our sports ministry and First Friends congregants.
Yes, if necessary, we will use money from our Home Improvement line.
The Trustees designed the restrooms in consultation with an architect. Many iterations were discussed over a two-year period, taking location, cost, function, and design into account.
No, our current staff can manage the maintenance and cleaning of the restrooms.

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