Here at First Friends…

We value every single member of our staff and elders. We are blessed to have so many talented men and women serving in our body. In the page below you will find pictures, names, numbers, and emails for all our staff and elders. If you do not find who you are looking for feel free to email for more information.

Nathanael Fawcett

Lead Pastor

Ext. 227

Roger Foote

Executive Pastor

Ext. 244

Shawn Yost

Pastor of Men's Ministry and Marriage & Family

Ext. 240

Scott Calhoun

Pastor of Outreach and Missions

Ext. 223

Gabriel Hancock

Worship Pastor

Ext. 211

Tammy Forsythe

Director of Children's Ministry

Ext. 215

Ryan Barnett

Director of Sports Ministry

Ext. 235

Tim Zornes

Assistant Director of Sports Ministry

Ext. 238

Lucas Shroades

Director of Middle School Ministries

Ext. 202

Zeke Yost

Coordinator of College Ministry


Ron Heasley

Volunteer Pastor of Visitation


Rachel Barnett

Communications Director

Ext. 237

Cathy Baker

Sports Office Assistant

Ext. 214

Risa Blyer

Director of Administration for Sports and Recreation

Ext. 236

Dawn Campanelli

Administrative Assistant for Youth Ministries

Ext. 230

Linda Dischner

Nursery Coordinator


Kathleen Dungan


Ext. 220

Janet Guiley

Office Manager

Ext. 221

Nathan Robb

Media and Production Director


Glenda Ross


Ext. 231

Gina Shamblen

Administrative Assistant for Connect Director

Ext. 333

Michael Stauffer

Media Coordinator


Nancy Petroff

Administrative Assistant for Nathanael Fawcett & Administrative Assistant for Shawn Yost

Ext. 224

Gail Wallace

Administrative Assistant for Children's Ministry and Missions

Ext. 229

Diane Wilcox

Financial Secretary

Ext. 229

Tom Wilson

Digital Content Producer


Mike Carr

Director of Facilities

Ext. 254

Gary Cowley

Facilities Coordinator


Dan Fill

Facilities Coordinator


John Capeta

Facilities Coordinator


Wayne Fierbaugh

Maintenance Coordinator

Ext. 217

Devin Stear

Facilities Coordinator


Josiah Crock

Facilities Coordinator


Nolan Carr

Facilities Coordinator


Randy Morgan



Ron Crock

Assistant Clerk


Jayne Laursen



Kris Biss



Laura Foote

Elder & Interim Women's Director


Chuck Goldy



Lyndon Thomas