Campus Updates

After paying off our mortgage in 2016, the Building Task Force was formed to explore the next step in the Master Building Plan that began in 1997.  After exploring the needs of our church and ministry through needs assessments, surveys, and interviews, several minor projects were identified, as well as three major projects as our next step in the plan: a chapel, banquet hall, and kitchen. The minor projects were sent to the trustees, to be further developed, and a new committee was formed, the Building Research Group.  This group began to develop these major projects and have spent the last year working with the elders and leadership on this task.

This addition to the website was created to keep the congregation informed of the progress of the campus evolution, both in the area of home improvements, minor projects that are upcoming, as well as continued development of the Master Plan through these major projects.  We hope that you will appreciate how far we have come both as a church, by watching the video, and as a campus, by reviewing the timeline, as well as join us in watching our campus and ministry continue to grow in our future projects.


Watch the story of how we got to where we are now and flip through the timeline to see what all we have accomplished through the years. 

Years as a Congregation


First Friends began with 10 adults & children meeting at the YMCA, then purchasing our 31st Street location for $750


Sanctuary, education wing and gymnasium added to 31st Street location


Larger sanctuary and Family Center added to 31st Street location

Early 90’s

Meeting for 3 worship services, the need for larger space identified


Mortgage paid off  at 31st Street location, looking to relocate


40 Acres purchased on 55th Street & Market Ave in Canton


Committee formed to determine Master Building Plan, to be built in phases


$2 Million raised to pay off land, campaign started for new building

May 2, 2000

Construction begins on 55th Street location

October 2000

1 Million given toward building project

June 2001

Building completed, moved in to new location

July 1, 2001

First worship service at 55th Street location


L-41, 42, 43 wing added without debt

  • Outdoor pavilion added
  • Soccer fields added (2010)
  • Baseball field added (2010)
  • Coffee commons updated

New committee formed to make home improvements, continue next phase of Master Building Plan

  • Updated HVAC
  • Resurfaced parking lot
  • Children’s wing updated
  • Lights in parking lot and gym updated
  • Sound system upgraded
  • Youth rooms updated
  • Playground
  • Outdoor Facilities Storage
  • Parking Lot Update


Below is a list of projects we are currently working towards completing. 

Restrooms at Pavilion- May 2022


Below is a list of projects our Building Comittee is brainstorming, researching, and praying about. Take a look at what might be coming our way soon!

New Digital Signage- TBD

Move Staff from Temporary to Permanent Offices- TBD

Chapel- TBD

Banquet Hall & Kitchen- TBD