Current Series

Jonah: You Can't Block God

11/05/2023 - 11/26/2023

Jonah – one of the most well-known Bible stories, yet one so often misunderstood; a prophet of the Lord who resists God’s plan and will at every turn; a man embittered and self-focused, yet used by God to save thousands of people from destruction; a story of rebellion against God, and yet which reveals God’s profound grace and mercy . And to be clear, neither Jonah nor the fish are the main characters. Over the next four weeks, we will come to see the power of the inexorable will of God, which cannot and will not be blocked, even when people try their best to thwart His purposes.

Previous Series

Multiply by Planting Disciples

10/08/2023 - 10/29/2023

Jesus calls to His disciples in Mathew 28 to “go into all the world” to make disciples should be embraced by everyone who follows Jesus. Not everyone is called or equipped to be a church planter, but we are all commanded to multiply disciples within our churches, neighborhoods and communities by praying, giving, sending, or going.

Why? Because people need Jesus! The harvest is ready. We just need workers. We need leaders to raise up and disciple other leaders. We need pastors who are willing to send out their best and brightest people to launch new works. We need brave men and women to obey the call of Christ to “go” into new neighborhoods, new cities, and perhaps countries. We must answer this call to multiply by planting disciples because God is stirring this in our hearts, and our reasonable response must be to obey.

Summer in Psalms 2023

08/27/2023 - 10/01/2023

For the next six weeks, we will be taking an in-depth look at a passage that is one of the most well-known portions of Scripture– Psalm 23.  This psalm reveals the incredibly tender care that God has for those who are His people, and He shows this care through the analogy of a shepherd and His sheep.  Come along with us as we uncover this powerful yet gentle divine  love that David displays for us in Psalm 23.

Whole Children in a Broken World II

04/30/2023 - 06/11/2023

In his first epistle, the apostle Peter wrote to mostly gentile Christians who had been scattered around Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey). Many of these people had been driven away from their homes through religious persecution, and Peter writes to them for two reasons: the first is to make sure they understand that though they may be far from home and family, they nonetheless fully belong to the family of God. The second reason for which Peter writes to these exiles is to show them how to live godly lives even while suffering under intense persecution. The title of this sermon series is “Whole Children in a Broken World.” Come along with us as we listen in on Peter’s encouragement to our forefathers in the faith and apply his message to our lives in 2023.