Director of Worship

Position Summary:  The Director of Worship (D of W) must be energetic, possessing a deep love for Jesus, a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and a commitment to the Gospel expressed in and through worship.  This is a pastoral position requiring the individual to serve not only as D of W but also as shepherd and disciple-maker to those serving in the ministry.  This leader will also be responsible for recruiting and cultivating talent within the church to participate in the worship ministry.

Role of the Director of Worship

  • Seek, discern, and follow the lead of the Holy Spirit in worship.
  • Lead musical worship for Sunday morning services (9:00 and 10:30), and for other events and services as requested.
  • Choose songs for Sunday morning and design the flow of worship for each service (including video or other artistic elements as needed).
  • Lead weekly Wednesday evening rehearsals for Sunday morning, including a time of devotion and prayer.
  • Meet weekly with the Lead Pastor for review/preview of Sunday services.
  • Recruit, train, and equip new members to serve on the worship team.
  • Schedule musicians (vocalists and instrumentalists) for Sunday morning services.
  • Curate CFFC’s worship music repertoire by wisely choosing new songs, maintaining well-known songs, and preparing musical arrangements.
  • Assess together with the pastoral staff the appropriateness of worship songs and their impact on the church body according to Biblical/theological truth, melodic accessibility for the congregation, and flow of worship.
  • Maintain all legal and ethical standards for purchase and use of music through CCLI.
  • Oversee the worship budget (including purchase of music, equipment, and other materials) under the guidance of the Executive Pastor.
  • Coordinate – together with other staff – special worship events beyond Sunday mornings.
  • Pray regularly for the worship ministry, worship team, and broader church body.
  • Provide worship support for other staff-lead events upon request.

Media/Stage — Together with the Media Director

  • Oversee maintenance and forecast replacement/upgrades of all media and staging needs related to the worship ministry.
  • Oversee all aspects of the gym multi-media system.
  • Coordinate with media director to schedule media/worship needs for outside groups, funerals and weddings.
  • Respond to media/worship requests in a timely manner.
  • Maintain and schedule reservations for the portable sound system.

Personal/Spiritual Qualifications

  • Affirm and live out a strong, personal commitment of love to Jesus Christ and His church – specifically the congregation at CFFC.
  • Demonstrate integrity in, purity of, and commitment to the Christian lifestyle (I Tim. 3:2-4,7).
  • Pursue ongoing spiritual development and discipleship with an unswerving commitment to personal integrity and moral purity.
  • Understand and affirm that their position at CFFC is a calling from God.
  • Affirm and live out commitments to the ultimate authority of Scripture, Evangelical theology, and the statements of faith of CFFC and the EFC-ER.

Contact and Process

Interested candidates can submit a résumé packet that includes the following:

  • Cover letter
  • Résumé
  • References
  • Video links of leading worship (more than one desired)
  • Video links of worship service where you minister
  • Personal statement of faith
  • Explanation of your understanding of calling and vocation
  • Your personality profile assessments (DISC or the other Myers Briggs)

Interested candidates please submit your resume packets by e-mail to:

About First Friends

First Friends is an inter-generational church—rooted in the Evangelical Friends tradition—with a contemporary atmosphere of worship and teaching. As a church, we are committed to making disciples, building quality relationships with Christ and others, and reaching our world through the Holy Spirit’s power.

Our Mission: Building mature followers of Jesus through the Church and home.

Our Vision: Transform the Heart…Transform the Home…Transform the World

Our Denomination: Evangelical Friends Eastern Region.  For more information about Evangelical Friends and Easter Region, click here to go to EFCER website

Our Weekly attendance: 900 on average

Our Location: Canton—Home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame—is located in North East Ohio. FFC sits in a beautiful residential area with lots of room to grow. We have a large property with an indoor gym, baseball fields, soccer fields, and playground to accommodate our large sports ministry—a vital ministry in our local community—and to create spaces that facilitate family and community fun. The Canton area is densely populated, and the surrounding area has more than 400,000 people. The cost of living in this area is low compared to other areas of the nation. There are great schools and colleges—public and private. In particular, FFC is located near Malone University, which is affiliated with the Evangelical Friends denomination.  Canton is located close to several major cities: a half-hour from Akron, one hour from Cleveland, two hours from Columbus and Pittsburgh, and four hours from Cincinnati. The area has great outdoor options for fun, such as hiking, canoeing, and kayaking.