Current Series

Who do we find in the manger?

11/27/2022 - 12/25/2022

During Advent, we often focus on four blessings from God that came at Christmas: hope, joy, peace, and love. What we might sometimes fail to realize is that at the first Christmas, these blessings did not just come with Jesus, but Jesus himself IS these blessings. I ask the question, “who do we find in the manger?” And the answer is “All these blessings embodied in the person of Jesus Christ.”

Previous Series

Neighbors to Nations for All Generations

10/23/2022 - 11/13/2022

The church has been commissioned to carry the good news to every corner of the globe, starting in our own backyard. Celebrate with us as we host guest speakers, events, and take a special missions offering on November 6 & 13 to support the Pregnancy & Parenting Center and Bridge Ministries in Comayagua, Honduras, where missionaries Ryan & Kelly Saurers serve. See the Neighbors to Nations for all Generations brochure for more information.

Generous People of a Generous God

09/18/2022 - 10/16/2022

Since the days of the Old Testament, generosity and sacrificial giving have been a mark of God’s people. In New Testament temple giving was an important aspect of Israel’s worship, and today in contemporary America almost (if not all) churches receive offerings to help cover their costs and further their ministries. What sometimes gets lost, though, in how we take up offerings in church today, is WHY we are called to be generous, and HOW generosity is worship to our King. God is a generous God, and we are His people, called to image Him in our giving. Over the next five weeks we will explore this theme in Scripture, seeking to understand how giving, blessing, and worship blend together to please our Lord.

Summer in Psalms

07/17/2022 - 09/11/2022

The collection of Psalms in the Bible formed the backbone of the ancient Jewish "hymnbook."  Written as poetic songs, they magnify the Lord of the universe while also expressing the gamut of human emotion.  The Psalms are no less relevant today than they were thousands of years ago, as they influence and inform HOW we worship God even as they reveal WHO He is and what He is like.  Each year we will take some weeks in the summer to learn from the Psalms, joining our hearts with the words of David as he sang, "Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, bless his holy name." (Psalm 103:1)