We are committed to equipping men to become “disciples of Jesus”, and then to
make disciples, who make disciples. We want to be men of integrity, grounded in God’s Word, devoted to prayer, accountable to one another, committed to our families, and raising up the next generation of leaders.

Opportunities to join us:

  • Transform the Heart: Prayer, Bible Studies, Connect Groups
  • Transform the Home:Men’s Small Group Bible Studies, Mentoring
  • Transform the World: Serving our community, Spontaneous service projects, Short term mission trips

For more information on men’s ministries, activities and upcoming events at FFC, email

Get Involved:

Are you looking to connect with other men in similar walks of life as you? Our Connect Groups have multiple groups that meet at different times, different days of the week, and different locations.

Click HERE to see all the Men’s Connect Groups

These are some core programs and studies we use in our Men’s Ministry:

Conquer Series– Join us for this 10 week video series to help develop a battle plan for sexual purity.

Every Man a Warrior– These small groups of 6-8 men meet weekly to encourage one another to be a disciple of Jesus in every area of their lives. The material we use is specifically designed to help men live out God’s plan at home, work, and in the world.

Stepping Up– Fellowship with other men who share your desire to live right, love well, and lead with purpose. This 8-week group discuss the topics of defining manhood, living courageously, building a life of faith, and stepping up to lead.


Date: Tuesday mornings (Sept 11- Nov 27)
Time: 7:00 am
Location: First Friends Café

Description: Beginning Tuesday, Januray 15 wi will study the Bible using the PRAY Scripture method.

Requirements: Bible, P.R.A.Y. Scripture by Stan Hinshaw ($10)

Date: Wednesday mornings (Sept 12- Dec 30)
Time: 7:00 am- 8:15 am
Location: Walther’s Twin Tavern, North Canton

Description: This is a time for men to come together for fellowship and great food – both physical food and spiritual food from the Word of God. We study various books of the Bible and will be starting 1 Samuel. Join us anytime for great fellowship and discussion.

Requirements: Bible

Date: Wednesday, January 23- February 20
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: E-102
Requirements: Bible
For: Men 10+

Description: Join us for this 5-week series as we feature a group of common men that have chosen to be set apart and live by a code. Their ethos is filled with honor, discipline, integrity, responsibility, and courage. They are the US Navy SEALs. Engage with an extraordinary group of Navy SEALs as they tell us how they’ve chosen to be set apart in a different way—as followers of Jesus. Hosted by former SEAL Jeff Bramstedt, we’ll hear stories of peril, bravery, and adversity as we dig deeply into the Bible to discover timeless principles that will help all men step into the life God has for them.

Date: Saturday mornings (Oct 6- Dec 15)
Time: 7:30 am- 9:30 am
Location: E-106

Description: This is a discipleship course for men that will help them develop a relationship with God and equip them to face the challenges of life they fight on a daily basis.

Contact Phil Johnson at or (330) 232-1410.


Shawn Yost

Pastor of Men's Ministry and Marriage & Family

Ext. 240