Celebrate Recovery


Hope is found here. Find out what healing can be with Jesus.

What is Celebrate Recovery®?

Celebrate Recovery (CR) is a community of believers who support each other in their struggles and recovery from harmful behaviors used either personally or by family members to cope with the stresses of life. These might include:

  • Hurts, habits and hang ups such as misusing drugs, alcohol, gambling, over-working, anger, pornography, sexual brokenness, eating disorders, co-dependency, perfectionism or the inability to forgive, are all inappropriate ways to cope with life’s pressures. They all lead to brokenness.
  • The hurt can be to us or others and can separates us from our relationship with Christ.

Confidentiality is strictly held within the group. You can have confidence that who you see and what is said in the meeting is confidential. Sharing is voluntary. There is no need to share anything beyond what you are comfortable sharing.How does Celebrate Recovery work?

CR is a scripture-based Twelve Step guide that helps participants through the process of discovery, growth and recovery in a nonjudgmental atmosphere. We promise what is only possible through Jesus Christ – pardon, purpose and serenity. If this sounds like a path for you, come join us on Thursday evenings. Check out videos from the CR national website that gives an idea of what can happen at CR.

Who is Celebrate Recovery for?

CR is for anyone struggling with thought patterns or actions that won’t go away. Christ is the foundation of a message of hope and freedom. There is power to change with the Holy Spirit. If you struggle, come and explore the freedom found in Jesus. If you said “never again” but haven’t made a change, check out CR.

How is Celebrate Recovery different from other 12-Step programs?

  • Christ is the foundation of a message of hope and freedom.
  • We believe there is power to change with the help of the Holy Spirit.
  • We find direction and hope in the testimony of other believers and in teachings that are biblically based.

How can I begin?

For more information, email cr@firstfriends.org. Celebrate Recovery is recognized by the court system as a 12-step recovery program.

I’d like more information about Celebrate Recovery®.
Visit the national Celebrate Recovery® website.