What is Worship…

Worship is a choice.  It is choosing to speak and act in a way that puts your own interests last, and God’s interests first.  Worship is making that choice daily, no matter our circumstances.  Worship is a sacrifice.  We give of our time, energy, and resources to put God’s interests first.  Worship is a battle.  It is fighting against constant voices and temptations in the world around us to put things in our lives ahead of God.  But most importantly, worship is a joy.  It is TRUE joy.  We are all born with a longing for joy, a longing that is never satisfied until we meet God and make that choice!  The choice that says “God, you are great.  God, you are powerful.  God, you are merciful.  Through You and You alone I am alive.  In every season, I will worship You, for You are good.”  Only when we make that choice will we have true joy.

Great things happen when the church makes that choice together.  Lives are changed.  Relationships restored.  People are healed.  People are saved.

When we gather as a church to worship together, we come to help one another continue in the choice to worship; to say that following God is our deepest desire.  These moments of worship are times where we stop everything to sit in the presence of God and express our love and adoration, no matter what we’re going through in our lives.  We believe when we make that choice, we encounter God in ways we never have before.  And all of this empowers us as we go so much more can be accomplished for the Kingdom of God on Earth.

So we invite you to come ready.  Come expecting.

The Lord’s Kingdom Prayer

By Stan Hinshaw