Current Series

Jesus Speaks To His Church

01/02/2022 - 02/20/2022

As we begin a new year we will be studying what Christ says to the seven churches of Revelation while we seek the relevance that His words have for His church still today. And in case you are wondering, His words are just as powerful and clear now as they were then. All that Jesus says to these churches is based on the fact that He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He holds all authority, proclaims all truth, and defeats all evil. This is the Redeemer to whom we belong and to whom we owe all allegiance and all worship.

Previous Series

The Invitation of Christmas

11/28/2021 - 12/26/2021

For generations the Church has observed the four Advent Sundays and their intervening weeks as a season of reflection and preparation leading to the joyful commemoration of the first coming of Jesus. Throughout the Advent and Christmas weeks, we will be listening to “The Invitations of Christmas” that come to us through different characters that populate the Christmas story. With Mary we will hear the invitation to joy; through her husband, Joseph, the invitation to trust. The shepherds will live out for us the invitation to meet and tell, while the magi (wisemen) will invite us to worship. On Christmas Eve we will hear once again the invitation to the Light – Jesus Himself, the Light of the World. Finally, on the Sunday following Christmas, we will travel with Mary and Joseph and the eight-day-old Jesus to the temple where we will encounter the aged prophet Simeon who will invite us to persevere. As we live through these coming weeks together, make it a point to spend time in prayer, Scripture reading, and reflection as we prepare to respond to these invitations.

Baptism 2021

11/21/2021 - 11/21/2021

Missions Sunday

11/07/2021 - 11/07/2021

Today is Mission Sunday! There is a special mission offering envelope in your bulletin today to give towards EFM’s five year goal called the Luke 10 Initiative. Checks should be made out to First Friends Church with Luke 10 in the memo line. You can also give online from today-November 12, just be sure to choose the fund “Luke 10 Initiative” This offering is above and beyond regular tithes and offerings. Thank you for your generosity!