The Gospel as "Seed" for Harvest

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Our messages in 2018 will focus on the “mission” of God to rescue and restore his creation, and all of humanity! The biblical writers, and Jesus himself, called this “good news” of the kingdom of God. Our English translations use the word “Gospel”. God has a mission and He commissions His people, the “Church” to join Him in the mission (Matthew 28:19-20).

Jesus gave us His authority to live and share this Good News that Jesus is Lord. As our hearts are being transformed, our homes begin to be transformed, and then our world is transformed. This transformation works in the same way God created seed to be planted, die, watered and nurtured to live, and bear fruit. The Gospel is “seed” for life!


The Gospel as “Seed” for Harvest: Week 11



The Gospel as “Seed” for Harvest: Week 10


The Gospel as “Seed” for Harvest: Week 9


The Gospel as “Seed” for Harvest: Week 8


The Gospel as “Seed” for Harvest: Week 7


The Gospel as “Seed” for Harvest: Week 6


The Gospel as “Seed” for Harvest: Week 5


The Gospel as “Seed” for Harvest: Week 4


The Gospel as “Seed” for Harvest: Week 3


The Gospel as “Seed” for Harvest: Week 2


The Gospel as "Seed" for Harvest: Week 1


We are so glad you’re here with us to worship our God of new beginnings! This week we are celebrating what God has done in our church and community in 2017, and looking forward to what we believe He is calling us to in 2018! We are praying you are called to join us in His mission!



Is the Gospel Still Good News...

Old News? Fake News? Impossible News? In a social media culture overpopulated with the sharing of personal thoughts and opinions, status updates and “retweeted” headlines, it can be difficult to maneuver through the muck and answer the question; what really is “Good News?”

At Christmas time, we hear this phrase “Good News” refer to the exciting announcement and anticipation of Christ’s birth. But is that news still ‘Good’ and relevant for today? Over the next month, the pastoral team at First Friends will be maneuvering this question by delving into God’s Word to see what it has to say about the “Good News” and how it should shape our perspective this Christmas season. The hope is that you and your family will understand not only the important revelation of what God has saved us from and to, but also what He has saved us for, as we are sent into our various “mission fields” of life to proclaim His truth.


... Or is it New News


... Or is it Impossible News


... Or is it Bad News


... Or is it Fake News


... Or Is It Old News?

21 Day Gratitude Challenge

As we approach our Thanksgiving holiday there is no better time to practice giving thanks!
Commit to join our church in the “21 Day Gratitude Challenge” and let’s create the godly discipline of giving thanks in all circumstances.

Click HERE for the reading plan and more information.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”


21 Day Gratitude Challenge: Week 3


21 Day Gratitude Challenge: Week 2


21 Day Gratitude Challenge: Week 1