P.R.A.Y. Scripture…

is a simple method Pastor Stan has created for individuals to learn to hear God’s voice through the Scripture. P stands for pray; R stands for read; A stands for ask, and Y stands for yield. The book addresses each of these in detail gives suggestions for all ages, personalities, and learning styles.

Pray Scripture focuses on the practice of combining listening prayer with meditating on Scripture as a way to hear from God personally. Differing from other Bible study methods, this approach does not focus as much on learning the content of Scripture as responding to God’s Spirit revelation through it.

This method is based in the practice the early church fathers referred to as lectio divina, which is Latin for “sacred or divine reading” of Scripture (Latin – LECK-Tee-oh dih-VEE-nuh). They practiced this daily to communicate with God in spiritual conversation through the Bible. They would read a passage several times, take time to reflect on its meaning, respond to God in personal prayer, rest quietly in God’s presence, then respond to God in personal prayer.

P.R.A.Y. Scripture is done individually but can also be shared with others as a group. Invite others to participate with you and meet to share insights, experiences, and personal revelations from your individual times with God during the week.

P.R.A.Y. Scripture Books…

are available HERE for download or at the church Welcome Centers.