The Call of the Church

04/24/2022 - 05/29/2022

Sometimes there is a word or phrase that we hear often -- and that we may even use ourselves from time to time -- but are not entirely sure what it means. If we were forced to try and define it we would fumble around and arrive finally at the conclusion that it doesn't need to be defined because "everyone already knows what it means." I think "disciple" and "discipleship" are words that fit this description. Within the church we hear these words often (or at least, I hope we do) and we have probably used them ourselves, but do we really understand what they mean?

The great call of Christ to His Church is to make disciples who make disciples. Over the coming weeks we will be seeking to answer some questions surrounding discipleship such as: What is a disciple? Am I one? How do we "make" them? Disciples of whom? Our desire is to answer these questions (and others like them) so that we can begin to assess how effectively we as a church are fulfilling the call God has given us. Join us as we seek to magnify the glory of God by joining Him in His disciple-making mission.

Easter 2022

04/15/2022 - 04/17/2022

Join us Friday, April 15 at 7:00pm for Good Friday Service. And Sunday, April 17 at 9:00 and 10:30am for Easter Sunday services.

He is risen indeed!

Palm Sunday 2022

04/10/2022 - 04/10/2022

The day on which the Church has chosen to celebrate Jesus’ triumphal entry
into Jerusalem has come to be called, “Palm Sunday.” It was on that day that the words spoken by the prophet Zechariah came true: “Rejoice greatly...see, your king comes to you.” Amazing words – shocking events – because kings don’t come to their people. Kings summon their people to come to them. But not Jesus. King Jesus is always, in innumerable ways, coming to His creation, extending His arms, inviting any who will surrender to come to Him and be saved. We celebrate this fantastic gift, even as we look ahead in the week to the sorrow of the cross.

Jesus Speaks to His Church Cont.

02/20/2022 - 04/03/2022

As we begin a new year we will be studying what Christ says to the seven churches of Revelation while we seek the relevance that His words have for His church still today. And in case you are wondering, His words are just as powerful and clear now as they were then. All that Jesus says to these churches is based on the fact that He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He holds all authority, proclaims all truth, and defeats all evil. This is the Redeemer to whom we belong and to whom we owe all allegiance and all worship.