09/27/2020 - 10/11/2020

Joseph could have easily been negative, given up, or used his authority and power for his purposes. He was betrayed by his brothers, lost his freedom for more than 13 years, wrongfully punished for a crime he didn't commit, and tragically forgotten. But because Joseph knew God was with him, he was able to trust in God's providence. What if God is working in our lives as He did in the life of Joseph? We would begin to see God bringing about His purposes in the end, no matter what people's intentions, be it good or bad. Imagine what our lives would look like if we had that perspective. Join us as we study Joseph's life and discover how God can redeem the world's evil and use it for the greater good.

"You meant it for evil, but God intended it for good." Genesis 50:20

Disputable Matters or Sound Doctrine

09/20/2020 - 09/20/2020

Christians don’t always agree with each other about different issues. How should we handle disputable matters?

Lord Hear Our Prayer

08/30/2020 - 09/13/2020

What if modeling our prayer life after Jesus’ example would give us the kind of relationship He and the Father had together? Jesus believed, taught, and even prayed for this to happen in our lives. In our new sermon series “Lord Hear Our Prayers” we are going to learn by experience the transformation that comes when we pray as Jesus prayed.
Sunday, September 13- PRAY Scripture

The Book of James

07/05/2020 - 08/23/2020

Faith is more than belief. It is a decision to act based on trusting in God and His ways of the kingdom. Faith is a VERB. Authentic, maturing faith is both theological and very practical. The axis of faith is the cross. The life of a Disciple of Jesus is both vertical and horizontal. Jesus said the greatest commandment was to love the Lord your God, and the second was to love your neighbor (Mark 12:30-31). Jesus death on the cross is the highest example of both. James gives us practical application in genuine faith overflows in loving action. This is the way of the cross.