At First Friends we directly support career missionaries locally, nationally, stateside support for international organizations, and internationally through our tithes and offerings. We support missionaries through our denomination alongside other churches in the Evangelical Friends Church-Eastern Region through our giving to the Great Commission Budget.

We pray for the missionaries and organizations we support.

We go on mission trips to serve and spread the gospel in person.

FMFeatured Missionary:

Evangelizing in the Middle East

In BH’s last newsletter, he mentioned that their team is down to just three people. By God’s grace they will get a new one-year team member in September. BH is very excited. Pray that they will work well together.

A misconception about working among the unreached is that once someone comes to faith, it’s whole-hearted, sold-out living for Christ going forward. The reality is the person who was totally messed up before coming to Christ is still pretty messed up, but now has Christ. BH ministers to those who suffer with mental health issues, who are scared to death of persecution, who lie and steal and can’t hold a job down. A lot of “fringe” people. No super apostles. No powerful and influential people. Just normal people who are profoundly loved by the God of the universe, who will never run out of patience with them. And they will never be put to shame; they will not die and find that the robes of Christ’s righteousness do not fit.

The team’s greatest need is for laborers to reflect the patient, long-suffering, ever-forgiving nature of the Lord Jesus to the people around them. Evangelism in this part of the world is very hard. Forgiving someone who has lied and taken advantage of you is even harder. But God will never tire of the struggling new babe in Christ (or the ones evangelizing). So they remember that nothing they do for God is in vain and keep pressing forward.


Get Involved:

Barahona, Dominican Republic

September 22-29, 2018 ( medical and prayer teams)
November 3-10, 2018 (construction, discipleship, evangelism, and possibly medical teams)

Team sizes for these two trips are limited and applications will be accepted only until April 15. Informational packets and applications will be distributed at the informational meeting on April 8th or you can pick one up at either Welcome Center.

For questions, contact Lois Ferrel, Team Leader (330-280-2502) or Roger Foote at FFC (330-966-2800).

Holy Land 2019

March 22-31, 2019

Are you interested in traveling to the Holy Land? Pricing starting at $3496, with discounts for early registration. Brochures available at both Welcome Centers.

For more information or questions, contact Paul Johnston, at FFC (330-966-2800).

Youth Mission Trips

Our Middle School students and High School students have the opportunity to participate in local service and ministry days at Refuge of Hope and to travel nationally and internationally on summer mission trips. For more information on their trips please see:

High School Youth

Middle School Youth

In order for international mission organizations to be able to function effectively, the international missionaries need support staff in the U.S. who will oversee recruiting, administrative needs, logistics, and the pre-field and ongoing training.

M. & S. A. work to recruit, train, and support missionaries in closed countries for People International

Glen Osborne is the director of China Outreach Ministries

Lynda Gravier works for Heaven Sent Ministries coordinating their emergency food packaging projects, and overseeing their volunteers

Dave and Susan living in Orlando and serving on the Global Strategy Team with The Jesus Film Project.

Ming and Mako NagasawaIntervarsity Christian Fellowship

Tom YoungCampus Crusade For Christ


Africa and the Middle East
David and Debby Thomas
GLLT (Great Lakes Leadership Training)
H. & W. B.

Jacob and Jaya Beera – Hope Ministries, International

Asia  – All these missionaries work in hostile, closed countries, and for their safety and the safety of local believers we cannot identify them online. For more information please see the mission books in the Coffee Commons at First Friends.
J. & A. J.
K. & K. K.
M. & V. K.
S. K.
S.A.L.T.  (Systematic Asian Leadership Training) and C.C.

Mexico, Central, and South America
Nishe Rothschild – Guatemala

Caribbean – The Dominican Republic
Grace and Peace Missionary Fellowship 

Russia and Ukraine
Abe and Diane Bible

We participate in the sharing the truth of the Gospel and the completion of the Great Commission through the work of our denominational missionaries:

Evangelical Friends Eastern Region

Evangelical Friends Missions


Gail Wallace

Administrative Assistant for Children's Ministry and Missions


Ext. 229

Scott Calhoun

Pastor of High School Youth and Missions


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