Worship Director Opening

First Friends Church, in Canton, Ohio, is looking for a full-time worship director. First Friends seeks to build mature followers of Jesus through our vision to transform the heart, the home, and the world through Gospel renewal and seeks leaders who embrace that vision.

First Friends seeks a dynamic, energetic, and enthusiastic worship leader, called and gifted by God to lead people into the God’s Presence. The Worship Director’s role and responsibility is to facilitate a Spirit-led, contemporary, presence based model of worship that also honors historical hymnody.

The Worship Director should possess and exhibit the following aptitudes and experience:

  • Excitement for, understanding of, and commitment to facilitating dynamic, transformational, Holy Spirit led, presence based worship experiences
  • A well-developed worship theology and understanding of Biblical worship and worship models
  • Commitment to personal and corporate prayer
  • Proven pastoral skills, including the ability to lead, grow, and disciple worship teams and team members
  • Creative ability and understanding of how to create welcoming and beautiful worship environments (stage design etc.)
  • Three or more years of leading worship and development of worship teams

Role of the Worship Director

  • Leading (minimally) weekly worship services and quarterly nights of worship and prayer
  • Responsibility for recruiting, training, and developing, excellent worship teams
  • Rehearsing regularly with worship and tech teams
  • Discipleship of team members through Bible studies, prayer, and one on one time
  • Leadership in creative endeavors for Easter, Christmas, and special programs
  • Working closely with and in collaboration with the lead pastor, the executive pastor, tech director, and pastoral staff
  • Provide music for funerals when requested
  • Maintaining the worship instruments and equipment (drums, keyboard etc.)
  • Commitment to First Friends vision to promote Gospel renewal
  • Willingness to go through the Evangelical Friends recording process (ordination)

Job Qualifications

The Worship Director should possess the following qualifications:

Education: Bachelor and Master’s degree preferred but not required.

Experience: The Worship Director will demonstrate ability and ministry competence by showing experience in the following areas:

  • 3 or more years in worship ministry and worship leadership
  • Growth and success in different ministry environments
  • Leadership of ministry teams and group facilitation
  • Understanding of media software including Ableton, Logic Pro, Mainstage, and Planning Center
  • Knowledge of how to create and use tracks

Ministry skills: The Worship Director will demonstrate ability and ministry competence in the following areas:

  • Pastoral and worship gifting and calling
  • Excellent musical skills and vocals
  • Emotional intelligence for working with all personality types
  • Interpersonal and group communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Relating to, honoring, and creating environments that honor diversity and articulate the hope of the Gospel for cultural divides (race, gender, politics, etc.)
  • Facilitating intergenerational worship in the church

Character: The Worship Director will demonstrate personal character through the following:

  • Devotion to and relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • Devotion to the Word and prayer
  • Expression of a strong core identity shaped by Christ
  • Understanding of his/her own personal gift mix
  • Possession of a good reputation and relationships with family, church, and community
  • Continued growth and development in personal and professional life through discipleship, accountability, connection to other leaders, and continuing education

Theological and Doctrinal Competence: The Worship Director will be able to articulate the following:

  • An understanding of the Person of the Holy Spirit and a willingness to facilitate worship environments that promote the presence of God and the functioning of the gifts of the Spirit
  • A clear theology of worship and Holy Spirit, presence based ministry
  • A clear theology of prayer and the roles of prayer in the church
  • An understanding of the Gospel and its implications for renewal and community transformation, and the role of community worship
  • An understanding of how the Gospel speaks to pertinent cultural issues and challenges of our time and how worship influences culture

Contact and Process

Interested candidates can submit a résumé packet that includes the following:

  • Cover letter
  • Résumé
  • References
  • Video links of leading worship (more than one desired)
  • Video links of worship service where you minister
  • Personal statement of faith
  • Explanation of your understanding of calling and vocation
  • Your personality profile assessments (DISC or the other Myers Briggs)

Interested candidates please submit your resume packets by e-mail to: worshipsearch@firstfriends.org.

About First Friends

First Friends is an inter-generational church—rooted in the Evangelical Friends tradition—with a contemporary atmosphere of worship and teaching. As a church, we are committed to making disciples, building quality relationships with Christ and others, and reaching our world through the Holy Spirit’s power.

Our Mission: Building mature followers of Jesus through the Church and home.

Our Vision: Transform the Heart…Transform the Home…Transform the World

Our Denomination: Evangelical Friends Eastern Region.  For more information about Evangelical Friends and Easter Region, click here to go to EFCER website

Our Weekly attendance: 900 on average

Our Location: Canton—Home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame—is located in North East Ohio. FFC sits in a beautiful residential area with lots of room to grow. We have a large property with an indoor gym, baseball fields, soccer fields, and playground to accommodate our large sports ministry—a vital ministry in our local community—and to create spaces that facilitate family and community fun. The Canton area is densely populated, and the surrounding area has more than 400,000 people. The cost of living in this area is low compared to other areas of the nation. There are great schools and colleges—public and private. In particular, FFC is located near Malone University, which is affiliated with the Evangelical Friends denomination.  Canton is located close to several major cities: a half-hour from Akron, one hour from Cleveland, two hours from Columbus and Pittsburgh, and four hours from Cincinnati. The area has great outdoor options for fun, such as hiking, canoeing, and kayaking.