In Christ

Day: Sundays
Time of Day: 09:00 AM
Start Date: 09/13/2020
Location: L-01
For: Women of all ages and marital status
Leader: Annette Turkson
Childcare: No
Requirements: Bible and notebook
Registration Required.
Jesus won the victory for us on the cross making us complete in Him and giving us a rich inheritance in Christ. I invite you to join me this Fall as we explore the book of Ephesians. Together we will learn what it means to be "in Christ" and our identity in Him, so we can learn to put on our armor and daily walk in the power and authority we've inherited. Whether you are just starting your journey in Christ or are further down the road, you are welcome here.


Mom Connection

Day: Tuesday
Time of Day: 09:15 AM
Start Date: 01/21/2020
Location: E-102
For: Moms of pre-k and elementary-aged children
Leader: Laura Carmany
Leader Phone: 330-575-4184
Childcare: Yes
Requirements: Bible
Meeting via Marco Polo as well as on Playgrounds and in the Pavilion. Contact Laura for more info.


Supernatural Ways of Royalty

Day: Wednesdays
Time of Day: 06:30 PM
Start Date: 09/30/2020
Location: In Leaders home. Contact Leader for directions. 330.280.2548
Leader: Sandy Elsworth
Leader Phone: 330.280.2548
Childcare: No
Requirements: Book $13 and study guide $16

Your Identity unlocks your inheritance. To experience the full inheritance that Jesus purchased at the cross, you must understand your royal identity.  In this study we will learn how to denounce those strongholds of thought that have kept many Christians from enjoying their supernatural inheritance, and step into a revolutionary understanding of who God says we are - royal heirs to the eternal Kingdom of God.

Begins Sept 30, ends Nov 18


Women's Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Day: Wednesday
Time of Day: 09:15 AM
Start Date: 10/07/2020
Location: L-41, 42, 43
For: Women of all ages and marital status
Leader: Laurel Notturno, Darcy Friel, and Cheryl Linhart
Leader Phone: 330-268-8119
Childcare: No
Requirements: Bible, Study Guide ($9)
GROUP IS FULL. Contact the church and be added to a waiting list.
Join women of all ages as we grow in relationship with the Lord, His Word and one another. Oct 7 - Nov 18 we will study Chasing Vines by Beth Moore. Due to social distancing space is limited so registration is required.


Women's Missionary Fellowship

Day: 2nd Tuesday of Every Month
Time of Day: 09:30 AM
Location: E-112
For: Women
Childcare: No
We meet to pray for local, national and international missionaries who we support.