Support Recovery

Most of our Support and Recovery Groups are Anonymous so we do not have registrations. Click HERE for more information on the following groups: Celebrate Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Gamblers Anonymous.

Divorce Recovery Workshop

Day: Monday
Time of Day: 06:45 PM
Start Date: 09/16/2019
Location: L-41
For: Separated or divorced adults
Leader: Dave Williams
Leader Phone: 330-808-3905
Childcare: Yes
Requirements: Bible, DRW Workbook and Growing Through Divorce by Jim Smoke (can be purchased online or at first class)
This 9-week workshop is for anyone who is separated, divorced or going through a divorce. Our team will walk with you on your journey to healing and hope. Experience and learn that there is life after a divorce. All of the leaders of this program are fellow strugglers who have experienced the tragedy and the pain that is associated with going through a divorce. You will find friends, resources and support at these weekly sessions. There is a $40 fee for this program for the book and workbook.